Services & Pricing


Deck Cleaning & Sanding

After a careful assessment of your teak decking and teak cover boards, we will provide you with our recommended plan of action. Whether its a multi-part cleaning scrub, professional sanding, or a combination of the two, we will be sure to get your teak deck back to its glowing aesthetic and high performing potential.


Deck Caulking

With constant exposure to the sun and salt, the teak isn’t the only part of your deck wearing. Over time caulking will dry rot and even begin to proud as the soft grain of the teak wears away. The caulk will eventually start to peel from away from the teak which can allow moisture to reach your sub deck. It is very important to keep your deck caulking in good condition to prevent moisture from getting to your sub deck which can lead to rot and a list of other problems. All of this is normal environmental wear and tear. Teak Works is here to provide you the refinishing and maintenance services to keep your teak and caulking in top shape. Depending on the particular condition of your caulking we can level, trim, and re-caulk if necessary.


Teak Furniture Refinishing

Just like decking, teak furniture demands the same amount of care and attention. We can restore and maintain using the same techniques and high quality products as we do on decks.

Front Door Restoration & Refinishing

The south Florida elements take a serious toll on our front doors wearing through paint, stain and varnish. Teak Works door restoration services can take your door from worn, weathered, and damaged to a newly refinished condition. We offer a wide selection of stain choices and finishes. Please see our gallery page for photos of our work.


Deck Repair & Replacement

If left for too long, or in the case of an old restoration, it is possible for individual boards or sections of the decking to warp, crack, or detach itself from the sub deck. If this is the case, we may be able to replicate exact boards and re-install to replace these sections.


 Deck Sealing & Maintenance

Once your decking is cleaned and your caulking in good condition, your deck is ready to be sealed. We are proud to use the best and most reputable products on the market to seal your deck. We recommend our water based UV and salt air protective sealer. This sealer comes in a variety of tints and is most workable for long term maintenance.


Interior & Exterior Veneering, Varnish, Epoxy Resin

Varnishing can add a elegant and classic look to your boat. Multiple finish options for both interior and exterior trim brightwork.


Every teak deck, teak cover board, teak coaming boards, teak toe rails, or any teak brightwork will all vary in size and different amounts of use and weathering damage. After an in-person assessment of the work, we will carefully price out our jobs accordingly and provide you with a time-frame for the work to be completed.